Australian High Commission
High Commission address: 2, Second Rangoon Close , (cnr Josef B. Tito Ave), Cantonments - Telephone: (+233 302) 216400 - Fax: (+233 302) 216410

Services for Australians Overseas

What we can and cannot do

The Australian High Commission can assist Australians overseas, within limits.  See  Assisting Australians overseas.

Travel information for Australians

Get the latest travel advisories and other traveller hints from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Australians in Ghana can access a list of Doctors and medical centres in this document.


Apply for a passport online.

Online registration for Australians overseas

We encourage use of our online registration service by Australians planning to reside overseas for extended periods, and those travelling to locations where there are security risks.

Living overseas

How do I apply for Australian citizenship for my child born overseas?

What are my Australian tax obligations while I am living overseas? 

How do I obtain birth, marriage and death certificates from Australia while living overseas?

How do I obtain a national police check from Australia?

What must I do to ensure the legality of my marriage overseas?

What notarial services can I access, including certifying Australian documents? 

Do I need a Ghanaian Drivers Licence to drive in Ghana?

Privacy Information

Personal information provided to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988. Information about how we collect, use, disclose or store this information is available online or by requesting a copy from the Department. Read more on the Consular Privacy Collection Statement here.

General information on the Department's Privacy Policy is available here.

Former residents of Australia

Here is a gateway to information about Australian benefits, payments and services.

Returning to Australia

Here is a gateway to information for Australians or residents returning from a holiday or moving back to Australia.

Elections in Australia

Check your Australian electoral enrolment online.

Read about arrangements for voting while overseas.